Our offer includes ICH-GCP training for Researchers and Research Teams.

This course is part of the "GCP Mutual Recognition Program" and is therefore accredited by TransCelerate BioPharma Inc. The Patronage of Transcelerate aims to standardize the GCP training for Research Teams and ensures that your chosen course meets the basic requirements for the GCP course.

The Transcelerate program is recognizable and accepted by pharmaceutical companies around the world.


GCP Training for Investigators and Research Team

  • The course includes 3 part training and is completed with 10 questions.
  • Gaining 80% correct answers in finishing test generates Certificate valid for 2 years.

Clinical trials: principles, documentation, legal aspects

  • Training for students and university staff covering all necessary clinical trial information.
  • Training is conducted at higher education institutions.
  • This training is the absolute basis for understanding the definitions used in clinical trials.
  • Available only in Polish language version

If you are one of the Investigators working with our company and you wish to take the course for free contact us on

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