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7 ינואר 20210

Polish Ministry of Health, Polish Development Fund and Patient Rights Commissioner have started a campaign to raise patients’ awareness of clinical trials called ‘Patient in Clinical Research’.


Clinical trials depend on the patients willingness to participate. When a patient is being informed by a doctor for the first time about clinical trial, there is many information to be provided. This amount of information can be overwhelming for potential participant. If patients do not know what clinical trials are and what happens during those projects they will not agree to participate in a study. This is why that kind of initiative is going to give knowledge to Poles about clinical trials.


Patients will know why that kind of studies are being conducted and what are their rights in clinical trial.


Website devoted to clinical trials was established thanks to the cooperation of non-governmental organizations, science sector, public administration, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Patients can find there a lot of information about standards, procedures and requirements for the process of joining clinical trials. Those information is presented in an easy-to-eye way and is written in polish so there is no language barrier.


Website: https://pacjentwbadaniach.pl/index.html

The establishment of the Medical Research Agency and the development of biomedical sciences is my priority. This year we signed a cooperation agreement with the United States. Using the knowledge, experience and scientific research available to American institutions, we will be able to help Polish patients more effectively and provide access to innovative therapies. The educational aspect is also very important, because patients cannot be afraid of clinical trials, they need to know that they have the right and the opportunity to benefit from them.’

~ Łukasz Szumowski, the Minister of Health



Partners of the “Patient in Clinical Trials” Project

Organiser: Polish Development Fund

Co-organizer: Ministry of Health

Honorary Patronage: Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology; Patient Ombudsman

Partner – public sector: Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products

Partners – non-governmental sector: Polish Union of Patients’ Organisations “Citizens for Health”, Urszula Jaworska Foundation, GCPpl.

Employers’ organizations: INFARMA, PZPPF, POLCRO.

Ministry of Health original announcement. (polish)

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