Clinical Consulting colaborates with CRSN.

We hope that our partnership will bring new opportunities for healthcare development.

CRSN is a network of clinical research sites

and is one of the largest alliances of clinical trial research sites in Poland. We specialize in coordinating clinical trials on sites level what gets our Partners access to a large sites network. We offer a convenient solutions which makes clinical trials management more efficient thanks to unified and simplified approach:

expedited site identification and study start up

single contract centralized process, less time-consuming

single budget

standardized SOPs and trainings it enables clean, high-quality data and control over queries

one point of contact, one operational group this reduces need to communicate your standards and needs

Members of CRSN are experienced and high qualified investigators performing in clinical research trials in their area of expertise. Our team have years of wide range experience in clinical trials conduct in phase I – IV. Therefore, the Network makes us unique in the industry. We forge partnerships with sponsors and our focus is on the conduct of on time, high quality drugs and device trials in both adult and pediatric patients.
CRSN provides a comprehensive solution from start to finish of trial, providing site identification, administrative services such as a single budget and contract and a cohesive enrollment strategy by our member sites. All of our investigators attended ICH-GCP trainings to ensure CRSN is set to meet or exceed industry standards. Experienced investigators in different therapeutics areas are another value that makes us special!

Quality and productivity - that are things that we are interested in:

Members of CRSN are accepted into the network through a rigorous qualification process

Historically high enrollment, retention, completion, and evaluable data rates

GCP standards and certificated trainings

Centralized budget and contract processes result in time and cost savings

Facilities and equipment

Prompt turnaround times on regulatory submissions and data entry

Continuous review of site quality and productivity metrics


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43-100 Tychy, Poland

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