Project Management

Local, regional, global level management
Clinical Consulting serves experience, scientific knowledge and operational expertise combine with responsibility and integrity to create a powerful value proposition for the pharma and biotech companies.
  • Experience
  • Timing
  • Knowledge

Our experienced Project Managers coordinate all activities related to the study, manage study timelines and budget and maintain close communication with sponsor, project team and sites.

Project Management group works on keeping each project on time and within planned budget.

Each Project Team is motivated and integrated, with local expertise and therapeutic experience and knowledge.

We are providing personalized service that meets the needs of customers of all sizes for projects of every scope.

Clinical operations

are managed by local project managers and clinical research associates with an in-depth knowledge of local cultural and regulatory environments, using integrated and complementary clinical trial management systems, trial master files and electronic data capture.
Our project management team works closely with the scientific team to ensure the smooth progression of your clinical trial.
Our Project Managers work effectively and diligently to manage all critical aspects of the study to ensure on-time delivery of results, within budget and with the highest possible quality output.
Our team will work with you on all aspects of the trial from the first regulatory submissions through to closeout and final reporting to help you and your project succeed.

We provide:

Frequent and timely reports to sponsors.
Training for CRA-s and site personnel on the protocol, CRF-s, SOP's, ICH- GCP.
Constant review of CRA-s work to assure highest standards and consistency
Management of Budget and Project Timelines

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