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Happy International Clinical Trials Day!   Clinical Trials Day, celebrated on May 20th, is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of researchers, as well as the professionals who assist in conducting clinical trials, in the advancement of medical knowledge and the development of new treatments.

It always fills us with pride when the results of the clinical trial we’ve had the privilege to support  as a CRO is presented at leading conferences in the industry. This is also the case at ESCMID 2024 in Barcelona. .   . Warm regards from the Clinical Consulting team.

29th February is Rare Diseases Day CLINICAL CONSULTING is pleased to contribute to the development of therapies for rare diseases for our Sponsors by managing EMA orphan drug designations for several years.   #rarediseaseday #raredisease #orphandrug #clinicaltrials

Clinical Consulting has launched operational activities in Romania and Italy to support an innovative IMD clinical trial in cardiology. These countries are now part of our European clinical trial operations portfolio alongside Germany, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, and France. l l

October 2023 is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. . Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world. Even though the overall survival rates are good, advanced breast cancer is still incurable and there is a need for more research and new treatments. . Clinical Consulting achieved important milestone enrolling first patient in the Breast...

Clinical Consulting participated in the  Medical Fair India conference as part of the “MedSilesia Go Global 4.0” project. Medical Fair India is an Indian healthcare exhibition and conference that fosters and nurtures business relationships. With representatives from more than 20 countries participating, Medical Fair India provides an opportunity to position the brand among competitors and further...

Clinical Consulting attended the “GLOBAL CLINICAL TRIALS CONNECT 2023” conference in London on May 10-11.   “This conference intends to focus on the global health and clinical trials around the world. Bioethics, regulations, patient recruitment, site selection, real-world data, data integration & Strategy, outsourcing, vendor management, quality (QbD) in Trial Conduct, risk-based monitoring, clinical auditing...

We are pleased to announce that Clinical Consulting Team will be present at the Medical Fair in New Dheli, India on April 26-29 2023   MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is India’s no. 1 exhibition and conference for healthcare, which act as a platform where connections are made and business relationships are nurtured.   Here you will...

      Labquality is a Finnish company providing services to healthcare and medical technology industries, promoting quality and patient safety via independent quality assessments, certification, regulatory consulting, clinical investigations (CRO), and trainings. Labquality provides services all over the globe in over 60 countries.   Labquality and Clinical Consulting will build together a strong full-service contract research organization...


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