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28 December 20200

CRSN is a network of clinical research sites and is one of the largest alliances of clinical trial research sites in Poland. We specialize in coordinating clinical trials on sites level what gets our Partners access to a large sites network. We offer a convenient solutions which makes clinical trials management more efficient thanks to unified and simplified approach:

  • Expedited site identification and study start up

  • Single contract

  • Centralized process, less time-consuming

  • Single budget

  • One point of contact, one operational group

  • This reduces need to communicate your standards and needs

  • Standardized SOPs and trainings

  • It enables clean, high-quality data and control over queries

The network includes member sites:

  • Low Rates of Queries per CRF (on average compared to other sites conducting the same study on prior studies conducted)

  • Accepted through a rigorous qualification process ensuring high rates of:

  • Enrollment

  • ​Retention

  • Completion

  • Evaluable data rates

  • Quick query solving

  • Data Entry support

  • Central IRBs/IECs acceptable (or local Accredited IRBs/IECs guarantee quick turnaround of submissions)

  • Each site is independently owned and operated

  • Inpatient & Outpatient studies

  • Phase I, II, III, & IV studies

  • Located in Poland


Contact us:


or fill our Questionnaire

and declare you willingness to be part of CRSN!

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